Resident Visitor Permit Information

  1. All residents living within a controlled parking zone are entitled to apply for virtual resident visitor permits.

    Each household is entitled to purchase a maximum of 100 permits per rolling 12 month period. These permits can be purchased in sets of 5 via an online Wallet facility. The sessions can then be drawn down from the wallet as and when they are needed for your visitor to park. Each set of 5 permits costs £6.60.

    Please be aware that if you select the SMS reminders when registering your account, this will incur additional charges. Each Resident Visitor Permit (RVP) session covers one calendar day. A permit must be purchased for each calendar day. Visitor permits are single vehicle specific, not transferable and must be validated according to the instructions. Your permit must also be renewed every 12 months.

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  3. Applying for a permit online is a three stage process, firstly you need to register with RingGo, then complete the permit application form and once that has been approved you can purchase your visitor permits as and when required via an online wallet facility or by calling 0203 046 0005 from your nominated RingGo phone number. Calls are charged at the standard rate.

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Resident Visitor Permit Costs
  1. Permit Type Cost
    Resident Visitor £6.60 per set of 5