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How do I renew my permit application?

To renew your RingGo Permit, simply follow these instructions:

  • Login to myRingGo using your registered mobile (or landline) telephone number and PIN or password combination. If you do not know your RingGo PIN or Password, you can retrieve it using the relevant recovery tool. Please ensure you check your Junk/Spam mailbox for delivery of any reminder.
  • Click the 'Renew' icon next to your original application on the 'Permit Applications' page.
  • Review all fields to ensure the information is correct or make amendments where necessary and upload any proofs (if applicable). Click 'Confirm' to submit your renewal application.

If you are required to upload or post proofs, the application will display on your account as 'Pending'. Pending applications will be reviewed by NSL Services and processed within five working days.

You will be informed by NSL Services of your status by email. If your application has been authorised, you will now be able to purchase the required permit session.

Should you experience any difficulties completing this application or have any general enquiries with regards to the application process, you should contact NSL Services on 020 8787 5397. This telephone line is operational between 09:00 and 17:00, Monday to Friday.

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Article Last Updated at: 22 Jan 20 14:39

Category: LB of Lewisham Council Permits

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