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What is the difference between short-term parking and season tickets?

Depending on where you are parking and who the parking operator is, you may have a choice of either parking for a specified short-term duration or purchasing long-term parking in the form of a permit (also known as a season ticket).

There are two main differences to be considered when deciding between purchasing short or long-term parking:

1. Short-term parking is non-transferable between vehicles. This means that you are able to purchase any time up to 31 days (dependent on location and the parking operator's maximum stay rule) but are only entitled the use of one vehicle for the entire session. Any short-term parking session can be purchased using our phone, online, Text to Park or mobile app services.

2. Long-term parking or permits (season tickets) can only be purchased online of between 1 month's and 12 months' duration and allow you the use of up to three vehicles being stored against the permit, depending again on what the operator allows.

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